Pilaf or pilau is a dish, originating from the Indian subcontinent, in which rice is cooked in a seasoned broth. In some cases, the rice may attain its brown or golden color by first being sauteed lightly in oil before the addition of broth..


Kebabs (also kabobs or kababs) are various cooked meat dishes, with their origins in Middle Eastern cuisine. Many variants are popular throughout Asia, and around the world. jdsadsdsa dsahdasdabsdhbahsbdha sdhabshdbah

Lule Kebab

Lyulya kebab or Lule kebab (Azerbaijani: lülə kabab) is a type of kebab cooked on steel skewers. It is made from minced meat. As it looks like a weapon muzzle, it’s called “lülə” which means muzzle in Azerbaijani.


Qutab is made by creating a stiff dough from flour, water, eggs, and salt.Qutab is usually served with yoghurt with green coriander, fennel and sumac


Azerbaijani mutton soup which is also popular in Caucas and Iran. It differs from other soups with compulsory ingredients such as mutton and pea. The set of vegetables can be different, depending on the region and season.


Piti is a soup in the cuisines of the Caucasus, its bordering nations, and Central Asia, and is prepared in the oven in individual crocks with a glazed interior.Piti is particularly popular in Azerbaijan, Iran, Tajikistan and Turkey.


One of the most delicious dishes of Azerbaijan cuisine. As the ingredients, a plenty of vegetables and meat are used for its preparation. Sachichi is cooked on special concave shield like cast iron disc over the fire.


Pakhlava, is an integral part of those sweets, which are made in Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan. A layer is rolled out from the pastry with thickness of not less than 2 mm, put into baking tray, oiled and lavishly filled with stuffing.

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Shekerbura (şəkərbura) is a popular Azerbaijani sweet pastry, filled with ground almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts. The ancient name for this crescent-shaped pastry is Sheker Burek, a Turkic word meaning ‘sweet patty’.


Gogal is a flaky pastry filled with turmeric, anise, caraway, cinnamon and black pepper. In ancient times, the yellow pastry represented the sun, while the crescent-shaped Shekerbura represented the moon.


Badambura is slightly less sweet than pakhlava and has no honey so it is less sticky as well. It is filled with plain ground sugar, almonds (badam in Azeri language), cardamom and vanilla.